About Educativity

Educativity was created 10 years ago (2013) as an educational project oriented to creating content to promote autonomous learning. Over the years, technology took an important role in this project and was oriented towards investigating how technology influences and can enhance both a learning experience and produce meaningful learning. Since its foundation, I have been constantly learning and experimenting with new trends in technology applied to education to provide effective solutions to problems in the educational area and to people in the educational context.

Multimedia content is Educativity’s most important product as I believe it is the most efficient way to generate interest in students and learners in different educational contexts (self-directed learning, school or work). However, Educativy offers solutions to various needs in the online and personal educational context.

I am Antonieta, founder of Educativity, English teacher and specialist in technology applied to education. I started this project 10 years ago and I have 8 years of experience in instructional design and in the e-learning area creating multimedia content in different formats. I was the first Chilean to working in the educational team of the University of The People, the first free online university in North America.


Different educational contents can be hosted in learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, one of the most widely used and customizable LMSs today. Among these contents, H5P resources are the most popular as they can be hosted internally and used organically within the system, organize learning data, and track resource usage among other actions.

Among the most interesting and used H5P resources we find interactive videos, hotspots, 360, interactive quizzes, drag and drop, among others. Educativity offers personalized consulting for academics and people working in the education field who need to master the creation of content for LMS. We also offer free resources to train you in H5P content creation.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Due to the emergence of artificial intelligence as an ally in content creation, many have joined the new trend of generating content relying on tools such as ChatGPT, Pictory, Kaiber, just to name a few. However, using these tools, sometimes, does not produce the expected results due to the lack of knowledge on how to use these tools to really produce effective learning. Generating educational content goes beyond producing colorful and eye-catching videos. The way we build the material to communicate or teach content must be designed according to guidelines that promote cognitive development and allow the individual to interact with the product to reinforce learning. Educativity offers consulting and training to produce educational content using artificial intelligence to obtain the best learning results.

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